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Rental Information

We are so happy that you found your new home! We know that you will love your place, whether it's just until you finish your college education or for years to come. Please review our sample rental information documents and resources, forms and terms vary.

Lease Agreement

We are so excited that you have found your new home! Only one step left and that is signing a lease. Read our Lease Agreement document to understand our terms and conditions. The Lease Agreement at Omni Property Management is an important part of the way we communicate with you.

Download sample lease agreement

Rental Application

So you found a new home in one of Omni Property Management’s apartment locations? We are so excited for you! When you’re ready to take the next step toward your new home you will need to complete a Rental Application and bring it with you to meet your landlord.

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Pet Agreement

You love your pet. We love your pet too. Check out our Pet Agreement to learn about what is important to know when keeping a pet at one of Omni Property Management’s locations.

Download pet agreement

Landlord References

We encourage you to nurture that relationship you had with your previous landlords. Drop in and say hello to them. While you’re there, take our Landlord References document with you and ask them to give you a reference. It’s all part of the process for a great home with Omni Property Management. 

Download landlord references

Rules and Regulations

Whether you are considering moving in to one of our apartments or you are a tenant who has already found their home, we encourage you to check out our Rules and Regulations.  Our Rules and Regulations are an important part of how we make sure that all of our tenants, including you, stay safe and happy.

Download sample rules and regulations